About Mavis Bates

As Your Kane County Board Member, MAVIS BATES Will Work Hard For The Issues That Matter To Your Family.


Mavis is a healthcare professional and will fight against the Board’s cuts to public safety and the health department. Mavis wants everyone in Kane County to have the resources they need to live a happy, healthy life.


Mavis is a small business owner and proud union member. She knows we need good paying jobs, strong unions, and a thriving economy to support our families.


As the daughter of an Army Colonel, Mavis knows the importance of making sure our veterans receive the care they deserve.


Mavis is a leader in sustainability. She will encourage renewable energy, including solar, on homes, businesses, and County buildings. Her goals include promoting recycling, water preservation, and sustainability in all Kane County facilities, for a safe and resilient future.


Our families are struggling under high property taxes. Mavis will eliminate waste from the budget, keep taxes as low as possible, and make sure our money is being spent wisely.

Mavis has deep roots in Aurora and has served our community for years.

  • Fox Valley Park District Commissioner
  • MS, Sustainable Management
  • MS, Computer Science
  • Founder, Aurora GreenFest
  • Small business owner
  • College Instructor, Waubonsee CC
  • Technical Manager, Bell Labs, Retired

Mavis Bates Has A Unique Touch With Locals