Mavis Bates for Kane District 4

Mavis will bring:
to Kane County Government

On Tuesday, March 17, vote for your neighbor. Vote Democrat MAVIS BATES for Kane County Board!

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Watching The Budget

Mavis knows that our families are struggling under the burden of high property taxes and she will go through the County budget line by line to make sure there is no waste.

Caring About People

Mavis is the daughter of an Army colonel. She knows the importance of honoring and caring for our veterans. If you love our peace and freedom, thank a vet.

Find Out What Mavis Is All About

Mavis Bates wants to improve the quality of life for all of the people in Kane County, and especially in District 4, on the west side of Aurora. Her vision for Aurora is all about healthy, safe neighborhoods, prosperity for workers and our businesses, good roads and infrastructure, and a clean environment.

About Mavis